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How barren and forsaken is this land,
this country that has known so much upheaval,
when wickedness incarnate can command
that one is good, and the other evil.
Will the gods frown so on my retrieval
and seeing to my brother's last farewell?
Did Polynices not bleed red as well?
DFC 2014 11: Antigone I
ProjectDFC Day 11: Rime Royale.  One or more 10-syllable, seven-line stanzas with an ababbcc rhyme scheme.  This form was popularized in English by Chaucer.
After DFC, I intend to revisit this and make it longer, but I'm already behind.
Abide with me where galaxies collide,
collide with mammoth force as stars abide
bright as a pulse of inundating light.
Light that erupts to make the whole sky bright.
Crash and explode, we watch as as they smash;
smash into fractals when you and I crash.
DFC 2014 10: NGC 5195
ProjectDFC Day 10: Mirror Sestet.  One or more six-line stanzas that employ both rhyme and repetition. 

one, two, three
and now you follow me
as we pas-de-deux across the floor

how many times have we sashayed these steps before?
how many strides have we missed and then answered for?

carry on without a backwards glance
and, if you get a chance,
join the dance
DFC 2014 9: Join the Dance
ProjectDFC Day 9: Trois-par-Huit.  Three stanzas totaling eight lines with either a 3, 3, 2 or 3, 2, 3 orientation.  Syllabic count builds and shrinks (3, 6, 9, 12, 12, 9, 6, 3) with a rhyme scheme of aabbbccc.  The last line of the poem is the title and summarizes the piece.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
I'm tired of trying to command
your endless barrage of demands.
I've seen the truth of you firsthand;
who is the fairest in the land?
You can't even trust your mirror
to tell you what should be clearer.

And yes, I've lived with seven men.
I play the hand I am given.
What of it?  Are you better, then,
taking lovers time and again?
And I know you only liked Chase
because you assumed he was "safe".

But Jesus-fucking-Christ, just how
did you convince me to kowtow
for so damn long?  Well, I avow
your poison cannot kill me now.
I'm dead already; life-denied
and airless long before I died.
DFC 2014 8: Snowdrop
ProjectDFC Day 8: La Charta.  A poem of three or more six-line stanzas with eight syllables per line.  Rhyme scheme is aaaabb,ccccdd,eeeeff.
My father
sing me to sleep.


My father's arms will
rock me gently until my eyes close.
Hold me
until I drift away.

((Silence all around))

It's quiet
save for the ocean
sounds of my father's gentle hum
like the echo of a whispered word.
I am finally at rest.
DFC 2014 7: Drowse
ProjectDFC Day 7: Cadae.  A poetry form invented by deinktvis based on the digits of Pi for syllabic count with no rhyme scheme.
Change, ahhhh.... :nuu:

(Finding that emoticon took five minutes of my life.  I should be writing.)


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Jai M. McGrainer
Artist | Professional | Literature
Advance praise for the works of Jai M. McGrainer:

"You're like, really really good!" ~someone on the internet

"You have a very unique voice." ~almost all of my creative writing professors

"Why do you have to write about these kinds of things?" ~my mother

"[The writing of Jai M. McGrainer is i]mpressive. Most impressive." ~Darth Vader


End of Days by Rya-kun
by Rya-kun

The aim of this piece, as I understand it, is to convey a feeling of complete emptiness. The term apocalypse literally means "revelatio...

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