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the lame dog often
follows blindly alongside
the one who hurt him
Carthage shall forever
feel the sting of your sword.

We shall not endeavor

to keep you in untoward
circumstances. Go, then--
with lands to be explored

and duly conquered when
you set foot within them.
And there are other men

to grovel at my hem.
And there are maidens, too,
that I cannot condemn

for falling into you
the way I almost did;
the way I wanted to.

The love we had was all too sordid
to end another way than it did.
Dido's Conflict
Well, I got hung up with the December Form Challenge at Day 13, the Gra Reformata, but I did eke out the above Diciotto before giving up the ghost entirely. 
Ach, Du
• by MadPrinceFeanor, Feb 5, 2005, 4:48:50 PM
I lost my tongue when I was born,
so you sewed it in
just as you saw fit.
My eyes fell out soon after,
so you made me glass ones
(in blue)
and when my ears closed up
you poked the holes in flesh
to filter in all that was appropriate.

You taught me high-class;
you bred me on chair-pulling,
yes, ma'aming chivalry.

And when I could do these things
you told me not to
and took to how a lady ought to act.

Skirts must fall to the knee-
and overalls are for nights and weekends.

Prince in drag,
with all the wrong sex-parts,
whore to a spiritualtiy
that never agreed with you.

Darling mum and sperm--
I fell into the chore of loving you.

Ragdoll (Re-write)
Mother sews the infant’s tongue
just as she sees fit
to speak only the prettiest words.

She polishes the unblinking
glass eyes in blue
(not azure,
not cerulean,
but blue-blue)
and curls the lashes
so as not to let in excess light.

She crafts the putty ears
and adjusts them to her liking,
drilling just the tiniest of holes
to filter in all that is appropriate.

And she sets her baby doll masterpiece
atop her hobby horse
and teaches her
how a lady ought to act--

--then breeds her
incognito prince-in-drag on
yes ma’aming chivalry.

It’s just a doll, after all.

It doesn’t speak or see or hear
save for what you make-believe.
Ach, Du / Ragdoll Re-write
I've seen people do this with drawings, so I'm going through the oldest parts of my gallery and selecting a few pieces that I want to re-write.  Maybe they'll even be better.
How barren and forsaken is this land,
this country that has known so much upheaval,
when wickedness incarnate can command
that one is good, and the other evil.
Will the gods frown so on my retrieval
and seeing to my brother's last farewell?
Did Polynices not bleed red as well?
DFC 2014 11: Antigone I
ProjectDFC Day 11: Rime Royale.  One or more 10-syllable, seven-line stanzas with an ababbcc rhyme scheme.  This form was popularized in English by Chaucer.
After DFC, I intend to revisit this and make it longer, but I'm already behind.
Abide with me where galaxies collide,
collide with mammoth force as stars abide
bright as a pulse of inundating light.
Light that erupts to make the whole sky bright.
Crash and explode, we watch as as they smash;
smash into fractals when you and I crash.
DFC 2014 10: NGC 5195
ProjectDFC Day 10: Mirror Sestet.  One or more six-line stanzas that employ both rhyme and repetition. 
Change, ahhhh.... :nuu:

(Finding that emoticon took five minutes of my life.  I should be writing.)


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"[The writing of Jai M. McGrainer is i]mpressive. Most impressive." ~Darth Vader


End of Days by Rya-kun
by Rya-kun

The aim of this piece, as I understand it, is to convey a feeling of complete emptiness. The term apocalypse literally means "revelatio...

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